Stories of SOME of the kids we have been able to help.

Running and Running

Marathon Participants

Being part of a team for 7 years - the fees get tight, and hard to come up with.  Being behind every year and not being able to pay fees for sports is difficult.  We helped to cover the fees for the student to participate in something they love doing - Cross Country and Track.  #dontsititout  

Birthday Bags for Kids

Birthday Present

Getting a birthday bag on your desk at school on your big day can mean a lot to an elementary student.  We were able to help make sure students had this opportunity, and had their special day remain special by having the birthday bag on their desk at school.  We want all students to experience joy and happiness as much as possible for special days.  #dontsititout

Just One More Dance

Hand Stand During Dance Performance

Awarding a competitive dancer one more opportunity to dance on stage.  This was a request from an anonymous fellow dance family that helped their friend get to another dance competition.  We were able to watch her dance, and she did an amazing job.  #dontsititout  

Club Soccer

Soccer Practice

Soccer can be an expensive sport once you add equipment and travel to the mix.  We were able to support a local soccer clubs fundraising efforts at their golf outing to keep prices as low as possible. 

HS Volleyball

Volleyball Practice

Making the team is a great accomplishment.  Then comes the bills for the uniform, shoes, socks, and on and on.  Being part of a team also means trying to look like the team and not sitting out opportunities for collaboration and team spirit.  We were able to help cover costs for a local HS teen to get the team uniform, shoes, socks, etc. to open doors to many more experiences.  #dontsititout 

Summer STEM Camp

Friends in a Tent

There are several girls in 3rd to 8th grade who are wanting to attend a STEM academic, career, and exploration camp.  We were able to help cover the fees, supplies, and costs associated to make sure they got to attend the summer camp that they wanted to

After School Camp

Teacher Helping Student

The school was able to waive fees to get two brothers involved in an afterschool camp.  They needed the homework help and socialization.  Mom was a single working mother who was not able to get them home after the camp, and could not afford to pay transportation to get them home.  We were able to assist them mom with paying for transportation so that the kids could get the social time and homework help they needed.

Volleyball with the Team

Volleyball Huddle

The volleyball team made the National Championship game.  One team member could not afford the flight and travel to get the girl to join her team.  They really wanted her to have the full experience as a team for this great accomplishment.  We were able to help her get there and be part of the whole team.

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Marathon Participants

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Brand New Soccer Ball!

Old Fashioned Soccer Ball

Lots of kids get involved at many levels with a local soccer team.  Some show up with a new ball, new cleats, etc.   Some show up with used equipment that works just fine and gets the kids on the field either way.  We were able to get several kids at one soccer park new Nike Soccer Balls.  Coaches assisted with getting them in the hands of the kids who needed them and would appreciate them the most.  A brand new ball that hopefully will ignite YEARS of soccer fun no matter where they play.  #dontsititout

Getting to Camp - No Matter what!

Girls Camping

DSIO sponsored a young boy getting to go to a summer camp after a fire took his house.  He is passionate about the outdoors and wants a career in the field when he gets older.  We were able to help make sure he made it to the camp even after most of their belongings were destroyed and they were working on rebuilding their lives.  #dontsititout

Basketball for ALL

Basketball Net

We were able to help with a sponsorship for a group of high school entrepreneurs to put on a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  They were able to give the opportunity to kids ages 7 to 18 to play in a large tournament.   #dontsititout

Club Volleyball

Girl's Volleyball

When you get to a big town where the whole Varsity team is on a club team in the off season, you don't want to be the one sitting out.  The expenses can be large.  We were able to assist a local student in his goal of becoming part of the club team with the rest of his HS team mates.  #dontsititout

Dance - First Recital

Girl Dancing Shoes

Recreational dance class was an amazing time.  However at the end of the class there was a special costume and performance that was a little more expensive.  We were able to purchase the costume and ensure the a new little dancer was able to perform on stage with her classmates.

Cross County Fees

Group Running

"My son has ran cross county for over 7 years, but now money is tight, we are going through a divorce, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and other issues." The mom explains how they have been trying to keep their son involved despite the financial issues.  We were able to make sure their son was part of the team for another year.

Community Art Club

Art on Sidewalk

There was a group of kids who were in an art club.  Most of the kids were low income, and not able to pay for their supplies or materials.  They had an idea to come together for a town art project recognizing high school kids throughout the downtown.  They needed help paying for the supplies to make this happen.  We were able to get them what they needed.  They had an adult willing to volunteer to help with the project, and you can still see it driving through their small town displayed proudly.

Looking for the next opportunity

In the Classroom

If you know of a someone who needs our help, we are continually accepting requests from families and kids that we might be able to help.  Click on the application tab above to let us know if you need help with making an experience happen.