A project under the 501c3 The Maidez Center. The core focus will be serving the needs of underprivileged children and families who are not able to participate in activities of many kinds including arts and culture, community, athletic, and educational experiences. We want to be able to give the opportunity to “dance” to children who might not be otherwise able to do so. We want to help build confidence, friendships, and positive relationships for as many children as possible. It will be open to any activity, event, or opportunity related to experiences for school aged kids. There will be an application process that is a form to describe what the child is wanting to do but has an obstacle to overcome before they get there. Most of the time we expect this to be financial cost of a sport, lesson, equipment, instrument, etc. We have heard too many stories about a student who is not doing a school sport, an outside team (dance, basketball, swimming, soccer, anything), a class trip, a summer field trip, a camp, playing an instrument and many others because they can’t afford it. We hope to give them that opportunity to not sit it out.

We hope to benefit kids in two main areas. The Northern Area will be in Northern Illinois benefiting kids in Mundelein, Vernon Hills, and surrounding communities. The Southern area will be in Southern Illinois benefiting kids in Monroe and Randolph County, Smithton, Belleville, and surrounding communities.


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